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London Stones.

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It has come to our attention that MVS Thames Region unit "City of London" is being incorrectly defined due to confusion with "The City" (sometimes "The Square Mile"). This page deals with the history of the River, from 1194 to 1994 when MVS inherited the dutied of RNXS and extends that link forward to 2008.Until 1350, the monarch 'owned' all the rivers in England and had a nice little earner in The River, inter alia, issuing fishing licenses. In 1197, Richard I, needing money for crusade, sold the trade rights to the lower reaches of the river to the corporation of the city of London. In 1350 this arrangement was cemented in law when the Corporation of London assumed responsibility not just of the trade but also mthe security and viability of the River. The limits of its authority were established between Staines up-river and The Yantlet Line down-river.

At that time, the next bridge above London Bridge was at Staines some 20 miles west [of London Bridge] as the crow might fly . It seemed a suitable point to draw the line. Downstream, Yantlet Creek (Grain Spit) was marked. Across in Essex, an associated marker known as the Crowstone almost due north of Yantlet was positioned to establish "The Yantlet Line" which has historically marked the limit of influence of the "City of London". MVS Thames Region encompasses the Thames to the Yantlet line MVS City of London historically marked its limits by the London Stones. The Gravesend unit operates as an independent unit