Thames Region Maritime Vol. Service

Dedicated to Thames Region MVS at City of London, Gravesend, Greenwich etc

All Change or No Change

We had to pull our page containing the mvs members handbook over the holiday season as it seemed there might be imminent structural changes in National, Regional and local organisation which would affect the information there-in. As of 14th Feb. the situation seems to be that a small number of large egos, a couple of headless seagulls and a number of empty spaces are stirring up procedural muck, mostly without knowing what they are talking about. Most of them admit to having copies of the "Memorandum of Association" which is the legal vehicle by which the MVS was set up as a Company limited by guarantee and the "Articles of Association" which are the rules by which the MVS as a Charity is to be organised and administered.

Member's Handbook restored at "Tablets of Stone"!

Resume normal operations.

We spent today on pulling together all the information available on how the service is put together and quite frankly, it is about time something was done to make this organisation efficient. we will never complain about Thames/London again. What follows is the pecking order of the MVS, nationally at the top and regionally below that. We have stripped out all the clutter and provided just the people.

We understand that not all the positions are filled by the people named so please use this information as indicative only


 Patron: HRH Prince Michael of Kent

Hon. President: Countess Mountbatten of Burma CBE CD JP DL

Chairman: John Holland CBE JP DL
Commodore: Captain Richard Stenlake RN
Chaplain: Revd Brian Birchmore

Commodore Ian Gibb
Commander Sir Robin Gillett Bt GBE RD RNR
Commodore Barry Leighton
Sir Clive Martin


Viscount Arbuthnott KT CBE DSC
Sir Frederick Bolton MC
Commander Peter Campbell LVO OBE DL
Sir Ralph Carr-Ellison KCVO TD
Lord Crathorne
Lord Kingsdown KG PC
Commodore Robert Hastie CBE RD JP
Lord Imbert QPM
Captain Colin Lee OBE JP DL
Sir David Mansel Lewis KCVO JP
Captain Norman Lloyd-Edwards RD JP RNR
Lord Mason of Barnsley PC DL
Rear Admiral Sir Morgan Morgan-Giles DSO MBE GM
Admiral Sir Anthony Morton GBE KCB DL
Commander Miles Rivett-Carnac RN
Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal


Certain of those listed as "Headquarters" have retired, walked away, been suspended, shafted or are 'otherwise engaged'.

SECRETARY:  Haydn Chappell
REGISTRAR:  Alison Leach
MVS SERVICES: David Frazier

Don't try to understand the duties or functions of the gentlemen and lady listed below,

They are fine upstanding people and represent the Great and the Good of the land. 


Robin Aisher OBE
Graham Allen MP
Admiral of the Fleet Sir Edward Ashmore GCB DSC
Commander Colin Balfour DL
Commodore Anthony Barrett CBE RD DL RNR
Martin Barraclough
Admiral of the Fleet Sir David Benjamin Bathurst GCB ADC
Rear Admiral David Bawtree, CB DL
Rear Admiral Bob Bayliss CB OBE
Admiral Sir John Jeremy Black GBE KCB DSO
Captain Eric Beetham
Edward Bentall DL
Colonel John Blashford-Snell OBE
Peter Bowring CBE
Captain Robin Bradley RN
Captain Tony Braithwaite RD RNR
Field Marshal Edwin Noel Westby Bramall, Baron Bramall, KG, GCB, OBE, MC, JP
Admiral Sir Brian Brown KCB CBE
Vice Admiral Sir Peter Buchanan KBE
Captain Jeremy Carew
Admiral Sir Desmond Cassidi GCB
Terence Coghlin
Professor Alastair Couper
Vice Admiral Sir John Coward KCB DSO
Lord Cuckney
James Davis CBE
Captain Christopher Daniel
Maldwin Drummond OBE JP DL
Captain Sir Malcolm Edge KCVO
Michael Everard CBE
                           Lady Fieldhouse  (clickable hyperlink)
Sir Philip Carter Goodhart
General Sir Ian Gourlay KCB CVO OBE MC
Rear Admiral Wilfred Graham CB
Commodore Gordon Greenfield RD RNR
Rt Rev Lord Habgood PC
Vice Admiral Sir Roy Halliday KBE DSC
Rear Admiral John Hervey CB OBE
Sir Robert Hill KBE
Captain Len Holder
Admiral Sir Nicholas Hunt GCB LVO DL
Earl of Inchcape
Jeffrey Jenkinson
Sir Robin Knox-Johnson CBE RD
Rear Admiral John Lang
Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Leach GCB DL
Commander Christopher Lee RD RNR
Admiral Sir Raymond Lygo KCB
Graham Mack
Sandy Marshall
Austin Mitchell MP
Captain John Moffat RFA
Rear Admiral Simon Moore CB
Vice Admiral Sir Christopher Morgan KCB
Martin Muncaster
Professor Malcolm Naylor RD DL
Earl Nelson
Commander Bruce Nicholls OBE RN
Rev Patrick O'Ferrall OBE
Admiral of the Fleet Sir Julian Oswald GCB
Nick Raynsford MP
Admiral Sir Derek Reffell KCB
Rear Admiral Bruce Richardson CB
Sir John Rix MBE DL
Sir Brian Shaw
Captain David Smith RN
Sir Keith Speed RD DL
Commandant Anne Spencer CBE
Rear Admiral Michael Stacey CB
Sir Keith Stuart TD DL
Sir James Swaffield CBE RD DL
Sir Adrian Swire DL
Lord Teviot
Edmund Vestey DL
Peter Viggers MP
Sir Peter Walters
Vice Admiral Sir James Weatherall KBE
Rear Admiral Charles Weston CB
Rear Admiral Tony Whetstone CB
Sir Jerry Wiggin TD
Tony Wilbraham CBE
John Wilkinson MP

REGIONAL UNITS(4)                                                  INDIVIDUAL UNITS(40+)


AREA STAFF OFFICER (Acting) Chris Davenport
AREA ENGINEER OFFICER               Tom Bloore

Eastern region RVOs
EAST ANGLIA                  Peter Lowe
THAMES/LONDON Eric Woodhouse pictured below defending his country.

CINQUE PORTS       Richard Mercer
SOLENT                  Chris Davenport

We note with interest that East Anglia RVO is also Southend HoU.

HEADS OF UNITS Eastern Region

MVS GT YARMOUTH        Barry Carver
MVS NORWICH             Leslie Mogford
MVS IPSWICH                   Brian Moore
MVS HARWICH                 Mick Rogers
MVS SOUTHEND                 Peter Lowe

MVS CITY OF LONDON    Chris Brown  (change imminent)
                 Deputy HoU  Richard Upton     (HoU in waiting)
MVS GRAVESEND                     vacant   (watch this space)

HoU and Chairman:       Richard Upton
Head of Engineering:       Roby Stewart
Head of Seamanship:                vacant
Head of Shore Support:             vacant
Head of Communications:         vacant
Head of Fund-raising
Unit Secretary:             Jackie Manning
Unit Treasurar:                        

Thames/City of London membership list

Provisional Member List 2008 (21 paid-up Dec07)

                                               joined     latest sub   
108003 Stirling Hugh              1994           2007
108007 Stewart Roby            1994           2007
10800? Green Nigel               1994           2007
108011 Fisher Allen               1994           2007
All founder members
108023 Mellet George          2000 2006
108029 Edwards "Bill"          2001           2007
108032 Southwell Natacha   2002 now at Soton
108037 Woodhouse Eric      2003           2007
108040 Smith John               2004 2006  
108041 Brown Chris            2004           2007
108042 Miguelez Francois                       2007
108061 Boran John                                 2007
108074 Douce John                                 2007
108085 Owa Chris                        2006   ----
108094 Dubiel Jo                          2006     ----
108095  Przybylska Izabela   2005           2007
108096 Warnock Martin       2005           2007
108097 Rochester Becky       2006 ----
108098 Binitie Temi               2006 ----
108100 Taylor Adam             2006 ----
108101 Luo Martin                2006 returning?
108103 Roselo Daniel            2007           2007
108104 Downer Don             2007           2007
108105 Brown  Laura            2007           2007
108106 Woodhouse Robert  2007           2007
108107 Wall Shaun               2007   suspended
108109 Oakley Richard?       2007
108xxx Upton Richard           2007          2007
108110 Leader Steve            2007          2007
108111 Buckland Tony         2007          2007
108xxx Foreman Ian              2007          2007
108xxx Bray Julia                  2007          2007       
108xxx Stacey Saffron   pending
             Connor Paul      pending
            Jacqui Manning  pending    

Heads of Units at adjacent units

THANET             Geoff Shaw-Case
EAST SUSSEX    Hugh Gallagher
SHOREHAM        Richard Mercer   double jobbing RVO Cinque Port
PORTSMOUTH   Haydn Chappell   double-jobbing at Portsmouth?
SOTON           Natacha Southwell
ISLE OF WIGHT       Dave Dobson
POOLE                      Frank Revill
PORTLAND              David Heap
Western, Northern and Scottish regions are similarly arrayed.
There is currently no known active unit in Northern Ireland

It is of great interest to note the vast number of ladies carrying managerial posts in the MVS.
One could never accuse the MVS of being a bastion of male chauvenism, could one?
It may also be noted that the YOUNGEST known active member of the London unit is over 35.
and that one 2007 applicant was turned away as he was not yet 17
and this service has as an object the training of young people!